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Lauren has been around dogs all of her life. She grew up with 3 Yorkshire Terriers. As an adult she rescued her first dog, Dandy, who was also a Yorkshire Terrier. He was a great dog, but at 5 years old did not know what it meant to potty outside or have any basic skills. Dandy taught her patience. Or so she thought.

It was not until she brought home a 16 week old Boston Terrier puppy did Lauren learn what it meant to be patient. After 7 years of madness, she finally had had enough. Lauren was fortunate enough to be able to take her Boston, Addie Mae, to The Dog Psychology Center in California to take a 5 day course in dog psychology. It was the most insightful, eye-opening experience of her life. It is here that Lauren learned how to not only communicate with dogs but with herself. Being able to understand communicating with dogs first starts with understanding oneself.

The most important thing she learned was a dog will not follow an unstable pack leader. It was from that point on Lauren decided she wanted to help other owners with the same frustrations that she had experienced with Addie Mae. From that point on, Addie Mae was a well-balanced, fun loving girl (although she still answered to her fun-loving nickname from puppyhood…”Rotten Beast”). Lauren is now a self-proclaimed dog training seminar junkie. Lauren travels several times a year to learn from many top trainers in the country: Linn Boyke, Cesar Millan, George Cockrell, Marc Goldberg, Nelson Hodges, Heather Beck and Jason Vasconi, to name a few. 

Lauren is completely dedicated to teaching all dogs and dog owners how to better co-exist. If you are interested in talking with Lauren please contact her today!

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