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What? Me?

Hey, real quick...

Are you dealing with ANY of these dog training issues?

  • Leash aggression or reactivity
  • Jumping on people, furniture, who knows but they’re jumping on it and you’re yelling for them to get down
    Counter surfing
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Lunging on walks
  • Barking at people and dogs
  • Barking in your home at the window, doorbell, delivery person, leaves blowing, visitors
  • Crate anxiety/hates the crate
  • Potty training no matter the age
  • Walking on a leash properly without pulling your arm out of its socket
  • Fearful behaviors (scared of one thing, or everything)
  • Puppy training
  • Basic manners training

I can help!

My Promise

I’m Lauren White, and I can show you how to completely turn your relationship with your dog around with a few simple shifts (yes it involves dog training!) so that you can have a more peaceful and enjoyable life together. Remember, this is a team effort! For success, you have to do your part, too!
Lauren has been amazing! I’ve attempted to learn everything I could over the years to get control of my barking dogs and nothing was working, after an hour with Lauren I finally understand what my dogs need and what their behavior should look like in order to have calm happy dogs. Within days, their behavior had completely transformed and now we are all more calm because of it!
Lisa S.

Just imagine for a minute:

  • Your life with your dog is calmer.
  • You have a much better relationship with your dog — peace-filled instead of full of conflict.
  • Your dog and you have a better understanding of each other.
  • Your dog’s name won’t be “NO NO NO” or “STOP IT” any more!
  • Every day, you are taking relaxing, peaceful walks with your dog.
  • Your dog will go to their comfy bed and stay there when you have guests over — and not be under foot and in the way, begging from hapless visitors.
  • Your house is quieter, and overall there is less chaos.
  • Your dog is happier because now they know what you want, instead of playing the guessing game and ruling the roost.
Lauren works miracles! My dog, Rocket had several behavioral issues and Lauren was able to completely turn him around. It was pretty amazing to watch her work – I highly recommend FureverK9.
Gail S.

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Hello! I'm Lauren.

I’m Lauren. And I’m a recovering “bad” dog owner. My oldest dog is the reason I’m a dog trainer today, and her nickname is still “the Rotten Beast.” In fact, I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that this now well behaved very elderly Boston Terrier still responds to this name! 

Her behavior was so out of control – and I finally reached out and got help for her behavior. That’s when I learned how to better connect with her, and our relationship completely changed for the better.

I had so much fun working with her in a new and different way that I decided to share my knowledge with people who were struggling like I once was.

I started helping people with their dogs for donations to a local children’s cancer society, and everything snowballed and took off from there.
I’ve been helping local Loudoun County dog owners ever since and cannot imagine not doing this!

If I can totally shift my relationship with my dogs, you can too!

Lauren did an amazing job working with my 55lb 6 year old dog, who had no prior training. She was able to get him crate trained, work on his confidence, and overall obedience. I highly recommend using Lauren!
Katie M.

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I know I need help!!!

Let Lauren know what you're struggling with!
She'll get in touch with you to discuss options!